This model is geared towards creating easy access to finance the business needs of our members who are into various kinds of petty trading and small businesses like tailoring, hair-dressing, commercial drivers, pure water distributors, restaurants (Bukkas), little provision stores etc. across all our operating locations. This aspect of our business currently forms 70% of our lending model.

Business men and women in this category often depend on their little streams of income on a daily basis to survive and most times finds it difficult to meet up with their personal and business needs. These traders also finds it very difficult to access any form of credit or loans from the commercial banks due to cumbersome requirements and conditions needed to access these loans. We grant them loan facilities between the ranges of ₦20,000 – ₦200,000 for the period of 3 months with a daily or weekly repayment plan as it may be convenient for them.

This model enables the traders to repay their loan obligation conveniently from their daily trade. It also promotes savings culture and gives the ability to properly plan their daily income. This model of loans forms 70% of our lending model.


This products form 20% of credit loans and it’s designed for male traders with small business size, and common interest to improve their businesses. They shall bound together by a union (market union & Oakland union), with readiness to provide support for each other through Joint Liability.

FCT alone has 11 Major markets in various areas spread across the city. Each of these markets has an average of over 1,000 lock up shops and 1800 traders with about 70% of those traders/shop owners as men. These markets also consist of structured unions and associations with strong rules and regulations guiding them.  In most of the major markets as well as the smaller ones in our environments, there are traders (Men) with micro, small and medium sizes of business with constant daily sales turnover. They are constantly faced with the challenges of limited capital to run their businesses due to either increase in demand OR increase in prices of goods/commodities especially over the last 2 years and some of them do not have the necessary requirements needed to access SME loans from banks.

These set of men can afford to make compulsory savings and repayments on a daily/weekly basis and conveniently pay up from ₦10,000 – ₦500,000 naira within a period of 16 weeks (4 months) to 24 weeks (6 months).


This product is designed to augment working capital ‘for business men and women (Most especially traders) that are into small & medium businesses such as, fast moving consumables, spare parts, building material, supermarkets & provision shops, pharmacy, hospitals, hotels & lounges, clubs & Bars, Gardens, restaurants, boutiques, frozen foods etc. with maximum of 1,000,000 granted per obligor.


  • Be a Trader
  • Have a genuine business or idea
  • Trader’s business MUST be within our operating locations
  • MUST engage in daily trade
  • No collateral is required

Compulsory 14 days savings to ascertain trader’s business is genuine