Oakland Multipurpose Cooperative Society LTD

Our Story

In Africa most especially in Nigeria, there’s a very thin line between traders, entrepreneurs with small sized businesses and “The Poor”. We live in a society where People generally regard traders with little daily streams of income as “POOR”. As an institution, we believe that such conclusion is far from the truth because, even though these traders depend on the little daily income they make from their small businesses to survive, they are very economically active in their thinking. They know how to convert very little resources into great opportunity and from that little trade, create a sustainable business to carter for them and their families. These set of individuals are our major focus.

OAKLAND was founded on this premise, with a Passion is to reach out to as many of these women and men by providing a platform through a cooperative society with a unique savings and support programs to help them achieve their dreams.

We believe that we can gradually reduce our poverty indexes by getting more little businesses to become financially stable.

Finding solutions to visible problems with small businesses in Africa requires simplest methods which we have put together as a cooperative society alongside other unique business platforms owned by the cooperative in order to address the constant challenges facing small businesses in an emerging economy like Nigeria.


“’To provide easy access, affordable and timely Financial and Business solutions to all economically active Nigerians”


“Building a community of like-minded people with the aim of providing financial and business solution that will change their live”


Our corporate goal is to improve the lives of 1 million traders in Africa by the year 2030



Oakland Multipurpose Cooperative Society LTD.

Oakland Multipurpose Cooperative Society LTD is registered under the cooperative society Acts of Nigeria N0. 98 – 2004 with objectives to promote the economic interests of its member since the 30th of June 2016.

We provide financial support, asset needs and investments offers to all our members/Partners and clients which include, Business men and women, Small & Medium enterprise, Cooperatives, companies, staff of civil service in various MDAs (Ministries, Departments and Agencies etc. with a major focus on the informal sector.

Oakland MPCS LTD is a well-run cooperative with management team comprising of very competent Microfinance experts with vast experience spanning over 30 years cumulatively in the commercial & microfinance sub-sector.

Oakland ESUSU.com

ESUSU.COM Limited is registered as an initiative of Oakland MPCS Limited to promote financial inclusion and savings culture amongst our members who are business women and men of all categories.

Savings is critical to individuals, businesses and households, most especially in developing countries like Nigeria where incomes are often extremely volatile and generally seasonal i.e. most household depends on some form of little stream of income from either business or salaries to meet the majority of their yearly financial needs. Therefore the existence of savings provides these individuals; businesses and household with means to meet both expected and unexpected future financial obligations, as well as provide funds for investment opportunities with a unique savings model tailored to suite various categories of savers i.e. daily weekly and monthly savers. We also accept membership and partner investments with a monthly/quarterly as the case may be to investors and members.

Our client base: with our cooperative membership which currently stands at 5,100 which consist of petty traders, artisans, drivers, tailors, SME & MSMEs businesses etc.  Has provided a major platform for traders manage their little streams of daily income in other to achieve future needs.

Oakland Pay Point Ltd.

Oakland Pay Point Limited (Our Agency Bank Platform) is registered under the companies and allied matters act 1990 with objectives of carrying out financial services, mobile technology, software and database design, Agent Banking such as, payment of all kinds including but not limited to bills, transfers, deposits etc.

Since inception of Oakland Pay Point Limited in August 2018, we have established 34 pay points’ locations across Jabi, Utako, Gwarinpa, Dei Dei, Suleja etc. with over 4.6 Billion Naira worth of transaction and over 1,050,000 tickets through our agent banking platforms. We also provide, Space, Equipment (POS), Capital and Training for individuals’ interest in owning a pay point (Agency Banking) business.

With a vision to provide easy access to financial solutions, Oakland Pay Point Limited has so far improved commercial activities within our operating locations by providing both buyer and sellers with easy access to pay and cash out within their business premises without the hassles to running back & forth to commercial banks.