About Us

Oakland Multipurpose Cooperative Society LTD. is registered under the society Acts of Nigeria N0. 98 – 2004 with objectives to promote the cooperative economic interests and improve the lives of its members since the 30th of June 2016.

We provide financial, Technical and advisory support to our members with a major focuses on women with little businesses, young entrepreneurs and individual with new ideas etc.


Our Story

In Africa most especially in Nigeria, there’s a very thin line between traders, entrepreneurs with small sized businesses and “The Poor”. We live in a society where People generally regard traders with little daily streams of income as “POOR”. As an institution, we believe that such conclusion is far from the truth because, even though these traders depend on the little daily income they make from their small businesses to survive, they are very economically active in their thinking. They know how to convert very little resources into great opportunity and from that little trade, create a sustainable business to carter for them and their families. These set of individuals are our major focus.